When do you need an Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance?

An Electric Fence Certificate is required by law under the Health and Safety Act 1993 in accordance with regulation 12(4) and 13(1) of the Electric Machinery Regulations, 2011.  The standards are set out in the latest SANS 10222-3 Version 5.

An Electric Fence Certificate is your proof that your fence is legally compliant and safe and has been installed according to the above laws,  it is not a guarantee that your fence will never again break.  At the bottom of the Electric Fence Certificate (EFC) it will have a place for the new owner to sign thereby agreeing to maintain and look after the electric fence.

The short and simple version for when you need an Electric Fence Certificate is as follows:

  • Any new installation of an Electric Fence after 2012
  • If a fence was installed before 2012 and the property is being sold
  • If there was no change of ownership but there has been an alteration or modification to an electric fence after 1 October 2012, even if it was installed before 1 October 2012
  • If you are upgrading your electric fence by adding new sections or increasing the strands on your fence
  • If you are replacing an Energizer with a new Energizer or moving the Energizer from one position to another
  • If you are selling your property, be it a residential or a complex or office block, or any other electric fence installations
  • Change in ownership of property if alterations or modifications have been done to the fence

An incorrectly installed or faulty installation is potentially dangerous and the homeowner could be held liable in the event of an injury.  An incorrectly installed fence will not offer you the protection of a correctly installed electric fence and may not even work properly.  It is up to the owner of an electric fence to ensure that any persons working on the fence have the necessary qualification to do so.   Only a person accredited by the Department of Labour and issued by the chief inspector as an electrical fence system installer, may issue a valid EFC for an electric fence installation.

The primary concern of the Electric Fence Compliance Certificate is SAFETY of the electric fence.

The EFC only certifies what already exists so no need to replace parts simply because they look a bit old, worn or rusty, as long as what exists complies with regulation it will pass the test and inspection.

The Electric Fence Certificate is limited to the Electric Fence installation only, any other part of the Electrical Installation is covered by a separate Electrical Compliance Certificate.   The Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECC)also does not cover the Electric Fence Certificate and can not be added to the Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

Always remember to keep your electric fence maintained by having a voltage test done every 6 months, also keep plants and vegetation off your fence.

If you are not sure of your fence and its compliance please give us a call.                                     

If you are not sure if your fence is indeed working, please give us a call.

If you are not sure if your fence is sufficiently protective, please give us a call.

If you need a valid Electric Fence Certificate, please give us a call.