What you should know

Whether you are selling your property or buying one with an electric fence, you are required by law to have an electric fence certificate of compliance (EFC). The EFC is for your protection that you have complied with the law and cannot be held liable if anyone is injured by your electric fence, because your electric fence complies with the SANS regulations and Health and Safety Act.
As per Dept of Labour even if your fence was erected before 2012 and you are selling your property you still need an electric fence certificate of compliance. A valid Electric fence certificate of compliance must also be issued if you have had your energizer replaced or additions done to your fence.

Electric Fence Compliance

Compliance Certificate
R 650
  • Site Test & Inspection
  • Issue Original EFC
  • Valid for 2 years

Our Simple Process

Book an Inspection

You can easily make a booking for an inspection of your electric fence on our online booking form or contact Karen who can make the booking for you. The duration of the inspection is dependent on the property size. Once our qualified, registered Dept of Labour Electric Fence System Installer has inspected the fence he ascertains if the fence is compliant or not.

Site Visit

If your electric fence is compliant and no work is needed we issue the EFC at a cost of only R 600.00 If your electric fence is not compliant we would issue a quote to do the work, once we have completed the work at the agreed cost of the quote we issue the EFC at no additional cost. If our quote is above R3500.00 we will waiver the Test & Inspection fee of R600.00. PLEASE be aware of others who do the work but are not registered or qualified to issue valid certificates.

Submission of Certification

We email copies of the EFC to all the relevant parties and then deliver the original EFC to the party requested whether it be the conveyancing attorneys, estate agent or the seller directly. Please remember that the Electric Fence Certificate is your proof that your electric fence is safe and compliant and that it is valid for a 2 year period, unless alterations have been done on the fence.

Our Services Include

  • Any repairs and maintenance on your electric fence and energizer or Battery replacement.
  • Any alterations and upgrades needed on your fence including increasing from 8 strand to a 10 strand fence or more.
  • We also attend to Garage Motors, Gate Motors and Intercoms.
  • Adding an alarm onto your fence so if in the event any wire is cut it will go off loudly or alert you Security Company.
  • Install a completely new electric fence for residential and Industrial.
  • Issuing of Electric Fence Certificates of Compliance.

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